Descendants of Edward Beachena


Generation No. 1


1.  EDWARD1 BEACHENA was born Abt. 1548 in England.



2.                i.    ELIZABETH BEACHENA*(SEE2 NOTES), b. Abt. 1574, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England; d. April 08, 1647, Newbury, Essex County, MA.



Generation No. 2


2.  ELIZABETH BEACHENA*(SEE2 NOTES) (EDWARD1 BEACHENA) was born Abt. 1574 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England, and died April 08, 1647 in Newbury, Essex County, MA.  She married (1) JOHN GOODALE, son of THOMAS GOODALE and ELIZABETH?.  He was born Abt. 1563 in England.  She married (2) UNKNOWN TAYLOR. 



In Naomi Tharp Spinner's book, she doesn't know Elizabeth's maiden name.  She does quote from "Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury": Mrs. Elizabeth Goodale came from Yarmouth, England in the "Mary Ann" in 1637: died in Newbury, April 8, 1647.  She was the widow of John Goodale of Yarmouth, whose will was dated 1625.


Ms. Spinner only attributes three children to John and Elizabeth Goodale: Ann, Joanna, and Elizabeth.  She notes that Susanna was the daughter of Elizabeth Goodale and her first (or second?) husband, Mr. Taylor.



Lots of problems with the family trees posted for the Goodall clan


First, internet family trees give both 1582 and 1563 as dates for John's birth.  Perhaps John born 1563 is the father of John born 1582, or John 1582 is the nephew of the older John.  Then, multiple spouses are given for John Goodale:

1. Bridget Portler, born 1567 of Stradsett, Norfolk, England

2. Elizabeth Taylor

3. Elizabeth Parlett

4. Margaret Goodale

5. Elizabeth Beachena


Some attribute John's children to Ms. Parlett, some to Ms. Beachena.  Clearly there is a problem with all these spouses and children.  I have listed a second set of children below.  I believe these are children of John, born 1563 and either Ms. Portler or Ms. Parlett (note the similarity in names - could be the same person).  Also, on the family tree done by Deb Gunther, she lists the children of Elizabeth Parlett & "Taylor".  This leds me to believe that Elizabeth Parlett and Elizabeth Taylor are the same person (Taylor being her first husband's surname). 


1. Peter Taylor, born before 1606,

2. Susan Taylor, born 1607, England, died 20 Marh 1688 in Newbury, Essex Co, MA.  She married Abraham Toppan, born bef. 10 Apr 1606 in England, died 5 Nov 1672 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA.


The children listed for John Goodale and Elizabeth Parlett or Portler are:


1. Frances Goodale, born 28 Aug 1590 in Downham, Norfolk, England

2. Ellen Goodale, b. 28 Apr 1591 in Downham, Norfolk, England

3. John Goodale, b. abt. 1592 in Downham, Norfolk Co., England

4. Richard Goodale, b. 29 June 1594 in Dennington, Suffolk, England

5. Thomas Goodale, b. abt. 1596 in England

6. Rebecca Goodale, b. 1598

7. Elizabeth Goodale, b. 1600 in Downham, Norfolk England


Richard Goodale, listed above, married Dorothy Whiterent, b. 1595 of Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.  I haven't determined the relationships between all the Goodale's yet.


It should be noted that the birthdates of Frances - Elizabeth Goodale are consistent with a first family (1590-1600), then a second family born 1600 onward.


Later Goodale family members whose parentage has not yet been determined:


1. Solomon Goodale, born 24 Mar 1707, Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass.

2. Nathan Goodale, born 10 Jun 1709, Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass.

3. Elizabeth Goodale, born 29 Aug 1715, Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass.



In Naomi Tharp Spinner's book on the Tharp's, she lists Elizabeth Goodale as first married to "Unknown Taylor," then to John Goodale.  She lists Susanna Tharp as married to Abraham Toppan of Newbury.  The children she attributes to John Goodale and Elizabeth are Ann, Joanna, and Elizabeth.  She notes Susanna is the child of Elizabeth and Unknown Taylor.


I believe Elizabeth was born "Elizabeth Beachena," then married "Unknown" Taylor and John Goodale.  I don't know if John Goodale was her first or second husband, but based on birthdates - if correct - I'm guessing Taylor was her second husband.  It also seems likely that John was previously married to Bridget Portler (Parlett). 


John Goodale "of Yarmouth": his will was dated 1625.


Children of ELIZABETH and JOHN GOODALE are:

3.                i.    ANN (ABIGAIL?)3 GOODALE, b. Abt. 1600, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England; d. November 27, 1690, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                  ii.    JOANNA GOODALE, b. Abt. 1603, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England; d. June 14, 1677; m. (1) JOHN OLIVER; b. Abt. 1605; d. 1642; m. (2) WILLIAM GARRISH (CAPT.), April 17, 1645; b. 1617; d. 1687, Newbury, Essex County, MA.



According to Naomi Tharp Spinner in her book, Joanna died June 14, 1677, after which her husband moved to Boston in 1678.  He was living there still in 1684; died in Salem.


                 iii.    ELIZABETH GOODALE, b. Abt. 1601, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England; d. April 23, 1651, Newbury, Essex County, MA; m. JOHN LOWELL (LOWLE); b. Kingston, Seymour, Mississippi, England; d. July 10, 1647, Newburyport, Essex, England.



Some list her birthdate as 1614, in Yarmouth, England, died Apr 1651 in Massachusetts.  According to Naomi Tharp Spinner, Elizabeth's will mentions her "sister Tappine" (referring to Susanna Taylor, who married Abraham Toppan of Newbury), and makes her "brethern" Thomas Millerd, Richard Lowle, Abraham Tappine, and William Gerrish, "overseers."



Some list him born in Portbury, Somerset, England, died 10 Jul 1647 in Newbury, Essex, MA.




                 iv.    SUSANNA3 TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1606; d. March 20, 1688/89; m. ABRAHAM TOPPAN (TAPPIN).



You will find the name of Abraham Tappin on some of the early NJ Thorpe documents (deeds, wills, etc), leading one to believe that this family settled in Woodbridge, NJ, along with Thomas Thorpe.


Susanna's sister Elizabeth (Goodale) Lowell mentions both her "sister Tappine" and her "brethern" Thomas Millerd, with Richard Lowle, Abraham Tappin and Wm. Gerrish "overseers."


                  v.    PETER TAYLOR, b. Bef. 1606.



Generation No. 3


3.  ANN (ABIGAIL?)3 GOODALE (ELIZABETH BEACHENA*(SEE2 NOTES), EDWARD1 BEACHENA) was born Abt. 1600 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England, and died November 27, 1690 in Newbury, Essex County, MA.  She married (1) THOMAS MILWARD, son of THOMAS MILWARD and ALSOP.  He was born Abt. 1600 in Possibly in Eaton, Derbyshire, England, and died 1653 in Newbury, Essex County, MA.  She married (2) DANIEL PIERCE December 26, 1654 in Newbury, Essex Co, MA.  He was born Abt. 1611 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, and died November 27, 1677 in Newbury, Essex County, MA.



Sources include:


Title: Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusettes

Author: David W. Hoyt

Publication: Picton Press, Camden, ME, 1981 (fifth printing, 1996) Originally published 1897.  Page 176


According to Hoyt: Ann Milward, a widow married Daniel Pierce.  She had three daughters by her first husband: Rebecca, born ?, married 27 March 1656, Thomas Thorpe of Ipswich; Ann, born Nov. 1642; Elizabeth, born 1644, married Daniel Pierce, Jr.


When Daniel Pierce, Sr. died in 1677, he left a farm in Woodbridge to "wife's son-in-law, Thomas Thorpe."


Ann Milward Pierce died November 27, 1690.  Her will dated November 4, 1681 and proved 22 February 1691 mentions her brother (in-law) Richard Lowle (Lowell), her daughter Rebecca Thorpe and daughter Elizabeth Pierce and makes her son-in-law, Daniel Pierce Jr., Executor.



Book: The Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England

Author: James Savage

Date: ?


Notes from above book: Thomas Milward, Gloucester, a fisherman or Mariner, was selectman, 1642, removed to Newbury, had Ann, perhaps born there in Nov. of that year, Rebecca and Elizabeth after but did not sell his estate at Gloucester before 1652.  He made his will 30 August 1653, and died 2 days after at Boston.  I think his daughter Rebecca married 27 May 1656, at Boston, Thomas Thorpe.  Coffin supposes he was the mate of the Hector, mentioned in Winthrop, p. 107, but I doubt it.  His wife Ann and ch. Rebecca and Elizabeth under 18 years are mentioned in the will.


Naomi Tharp Spinner notes in her family history the following: Millard, Thomas, Boston, has a lot for five heads granted to him at Mount Wollaston 1639.



The Pierce/Milward/Goodale families was researched by Ellen Coffman, 2003-2004, with significant assistance from researcher Tami Gaugler.


Immigrated on the ship "Elizabeth" 1634/1635.  His will was dated 12 November 1677, proved 26 March 1678 Essex County, Massachusetts.


He was noted at Watertown, Mass. in 1634/37, in Newbury, Mass in 1638.  Owned land at Salisbury, Mass. 1661.  He was in Woodbridge, NJ 1666, but returned to Newbury, Mass in 1670.


Occupation: Blacksmith, Town Officer, Newbury, Essex Massachusetts.


From "First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodbridge Olde East New Jersey, part 5, 6 & 7.


VI and VII. Pierce Family: the sixth and seventh associates of Woodbridge, NJ, were Daniel Pierce and his son, Joshua Pierce, respectively.  Like so many of the early settlers, they, too, came to Woodbridge from Newbury, Mass. 


VI. DANIEL PIERCE: The father, is credited in Dally's History of Woodbridge as having the occupation of blacksmith while there, and as such is called in New England.  He came from Ipswich, County of Suffolk, England, in 1634, in the ship "Elizabeth," at the age of twenty-three.  He probably was then unmarried and settled first at Watertown, Mass., of which town he was a proprietor in February, 1636-7.  It is thought that he married his first wife, Sarah (maiden name unknown) there, and prior to 1638.  He was made a freeman May 2, 1638, and removed to Newbury, Mass., the same year.  He also owned land in Salisbury at late as 1661.  His first wife Sarah died July 17, 1654, and he married second, December 26, 1654, Ann Milward, widow of Thomas Milward, whose maiden name was Ann Goodale.  She was the youngest daughter of Elizabeth Goodale of Yarmouth, Eng., by her second husband, John Goodale (NOTE: THUS, ELIZABETH GOODALE COULD HAVE PREVIOUS BEEN MARRIED TO A TAYLOR OR PARLETT?  WERE THESE ELIZABETH'S ALL THE SAME PERSON?  OUR ELIZABETH COULD HAVE GONE FROM BEING ELIZABETH BEACHENA (MAIDEN NAME) TO ELIZABETH TAYLOR (FIRST HUSBAND)TO ELIZABETH MILWARD (SECOND HUSBAND) TO ELIZABETH PIERCE (THIRD HUSBAND))


Through the Goodale families, there were intermarriages with the Toppan (Tappan) and Oliver families, also settled in New Jersey.  Abraham Tappan is noted as a witness and/or executor in many of early Thorpe will's in Woodbridge, NJ.


In March 1645, the town of Newbury granted to Daniel Pierce twelve acres of land, provided he would remain in Newbury as long as he lived unless he should return to England. 


However, there was an agreement between Pierce and Governor Carteeret and John Ogden and Luke Watson in 1666.  That year agreement was made with Daniel Pierce and his associates for settling two townships, one of which was Woodbridge.  It is very clear that Daniel removed to Woodbridge in 1666, where he received an original allotment of 456 acres of land.  He was commissioned deputy surveyor to lay out the bounds of Woodbridge, and in 1668 was a member of Governor Carteret's First Council.  He figures more prominently in early land records and conveyances.  Apparently dissatisfied with the new location, he returned about the year 1670 to Newbury, to which place he more properly belongs as far as local reputation and civil offices are concerned.  However, the PIERCES left their imprint on New Jersey in giving the name of PIERCE'S LANDING on Papiac Creek, near where they lived, which remains to the present day.


See sources under his son, Daniel Pierce.



Also, from the source: "Conger History, 1664-1941," p. 2, by Ethel Conger Heagler:


In 1665, John Conger came from England to Newbury, Massachusetts...Daniel Pierce, a prominent citizen, well known throughout the Massachusetts colony, was organizing a group of citizens to move to a newly acquired Provence of New Jersey which King Charles had wrestled from the Dutch in 1664.  In 1667, Pierce with nine other associate owners and 46 other men, many with families, arrived in New Jersey and founded the township of Woodbridge, located on a estuary that flows between Staten Island the mainland and between Rariton and Rahway Rivers.  Woodbridge, tradition says, was named for a Presbyterian minister they left back in the Newbury home.  John Conger & his wife, Mary, and their infant son, were among this company." 


Note that John Conger's descendant, Job Conger, married Keziah Thorpe, granddaughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Milward) Thorpe.


From the source "Richard Fowler Senior, of Newburyport, MA," 1968 (excerpt provided by researcher Teena Troock):

The Pierce Family:

Daniel Pirce Sr. founder of the Pierce family of Newbury Mass came from Ipswich England on the "Elizabeth" in 1634 at the age of 23.  At first he seems to have lived in Watertown, where he probably married his first wife Sarah, the mother of his children.  Within a few years he was in Newbury where his nephew John Spencer Jr. had come into possession of a large estate.  By 1651 when young Spencer was considering leaving New England to settle in the Caribbean, Daniel Pierce took over the farm by the old cemetery of "twigge and turfe", agreeing to collect all rents, and with the proviso that within 7 years if Spencer wished, the farm could be returned to him on the same terms.  However, this did not occur.  Young John Spencer died in Jamaica prior to December 30 1656, when administration of his estate was granded in England to his half sister, Ann Filliol, spinster.  (Admin P.C.C. 1656 folio 316).  For about 25 years, Pierce lived in Newbury holding several town offices and acquiring additional land.  in 1665, he was one of a group of Newbury men who bough a tract of land in New Jersey and started there, the town of Woodbridge, named for Rev. John Woodbridge of Newbury.  In 1667/8, he was a member of the first council of Gov. Cateret in New Jersey.  Within a few years, however, he was back in Newbury, leaving his holdings in New Jersey to the care of his son Joshua.


His son Daniel Jr. was next to live in the house.  He was prominent in military and civil affairs.  His wife Elizabeth Milward, daughter of Thomas Milward Mariner, and his wife Anne, who was a widow, became the second wife of Daniel Pierce Sr.  So Daniel Jr. and Elizabeth grew up in the same house together, and when she was 16 he married her, he being 8 or 9 years older.  They had eleven children.




My note: Daniel Pierce Sr. settled briefly in Watertown, MA, where we also find mention of Henry Thorpe of Watertown, MA, who died 21 May 1672 aged 62.  Henry was admitted as a freeman on 6 May 1646.   According to researcher Teena  Trock, Henry definitely had one daughter, who married Benjamin Bullard.  It is also possible that Henry was married twice and had additional children.



4.                i.    REBECCA4 MILWARD, b. Abt. 1640, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 1677, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey.

                  ii.    ANN MILWARD, b. 1642; m. UNKNOWN MORGAN.

5.              iii.    ELIZABETH MILWARD, b. 1644, Newbury, Essex County, MA; d. November 27, 1690, Newbury, Essex County, MA.



Generation No. 4


4.  REBECCA4 MILWARD (ANN (ABIGAIL?)3 GOODALE, ELIZABETH BEACHENA*(SEE2 NOTES), EDWARD1 BEACHENA)1 was born Abt. 1640 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, and died 1677 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey.  She married THOMAS THORPE (THORP, THARP)1 March 27, 1655 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He was born Abt. 1631 in of, Middlesex, New Jersey, and died December 22, 1694 in Will Proved: Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey.




Since Thomas Thorpe's will mentions his late wife Rebecca, she must have died prior to 1692 when his will was written.


According to Naomi Tharp Spinner, the only reference we have for Rebecca's age is given in the will of her father, which states she is under the age of eighteen years in 1653.  NOTE: she was likely born between 1636-1640, since she was married in 1656.



Ancestral File Number: 13KB-BWN

Record Change: July 15, 1998




This family compilation has been researched by Ellen Coffman, whose husband and two sons are descendants of Thomas Thorpe of Woodbridge.


Information from the Genealogical Department of the Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah was submitted for Charles Stillman who was listed as 6 g.g. son of Thomas Thorpe. This record states that the original information may be found in New Jersey Archives Vol. 21-23 and Am. Pub. Vol 5 and Vol. 29. It includes the following data:

  Thomas Thorpe born about 1631 of Woodbridge,Middlesex,N.J.

    Will written March 24, 1692-3

    Will was proved December 22, 1694

    Married Rebecca Milward March 27, 1656 in Boston, Suffolk, MA

    Rebecca was born in 1643 at Gloucester,Essex,MA. The daughter of

    Thomas Milward and Ann (Goodale) Milward.  Also lists 8 children.


Savage, in his book "Genealogical Dictonary of the First Settlers o f New England", Vol. IV, pp. 274 and 293, refers to Thomas Thorpe first at Ipswich, MA, who married Rebecca Milward at Boston in 1656.  He is listed as a land owner at Rahway, N.J. in 1687. (a farm given to his wife Rececca by Daniel Pierce.  Daniel Pierce was a step father of Rebecca). In the New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 29, p. 275, we find the statement that Daniel Pierce died November 27, 1677 and gave to his wife's son-in-law, Thomas Thorpe, a farm in Woodbridge, N.J. situated upon Row (Rahway) River joining to John Bishop's land.


This surname amongst descendants was spelled "Tharp" Thorp" and "Thorpe."  Savage uses the name "Tharp" and "Thorpe," occasionally adding an "e" to the ending.  Variations occur as well in the NJ records, including "Therp" and "Sharp."  See Savage vol. IV, pp. 274 and 293.  Savage also refers to Thomas Thorpe, first at Ipswich, m. at Boston, 27 May, 1656, Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Milward of Gloucester, and he died after 1677.  According to Naomi Tharp Spinner's book, "New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Ohio and Beyond: Our Tharp Family," Thomas and Rebecca were married by Governor Endicott.





5.  ELIZABETH4 MILWARD (ANN (ABIGAIL?)3 GOODALE, ELIZABETH BEACHENA*(SEE2 NOTES), EDWARD1 BEACHENA) was born 1644 in Newbury, Essex County, MA, and died November 27, 1690 in Newbury, Essex County, MA.  She married DANIEL PIERCE JR. December 05, 1660 in Newbury, Essex Co, MA, son of DANIEL PIERCE and SARAH.  He was born May 15, 1638 in Newbury, Essex County, MA, and died April 22, 1704 in Newbury, Essex County, MA.





Title: Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusetts

Author: David W. Hoyt

Publication: Picton Press, Camden, ME, 1981 (Fifth printing, 1996) Originally published 1897. P. 285


Title: First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Old East New Jersey Part 4, page 300.





Title: Founders of Early American Families

Author: Meredith B. Colket, Jr.

Publication: Order of Founders and Patriots of America, Cleveland, Ohio 1975


Title: Pioneers of Massachusetts

Author: Charles Henry Pope

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Title: A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settler of New England

Author: James Savage

Publication: Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore


Title: Vital Records of Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, pgs. 687, 378, 693.


His will was dated 1702, Essex County, Massachusetts.I still need to track his family, but he is undoubtedly related to Daniel Pierce (born 1611) who married Elizabeth's mother, Ann Goodale.



                   i.    ANN5 PIERCE, b. May 22, 1666, Newbury, Essex County, MA; m. SIMON WAINWRIGHT, Abt. 1686, Newbury, Essex Co, MA; b. Abt. 1663, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH PIERCE, b. May 16, 1665, Watertown, Middlesex, Mass..

                 iii.    EPHRAIM PIERCE, b. October 15, 1673, Watertown, Middlesex, Mass..

                 iv.    THOMAS PIERCE, b. May 1674, Newbury, Essex County, MA; m. MEHITABLE FROST, January 05, 1697/98, Newbury, Essex Co, MA; b. January 04, 1669/70, Kittery, York, Maine.

                  v.    MARTHA PIERCE, b. February 26, 1676/77.

                 vi.    JOSIAH PIERCE, b. October 16, 1671, Newbury, Essex County, MA; m. JOANNA GERRISH, Aft. December 05, 1671, Newbury, Essex Co, MA.

                vii.    JOSEPH PIERCE, b. 1678, Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.; m. MARY WARREN, December 30, 1698, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

               viii.    SARAH PIERCE, b. October 03, 1679, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                  ix.    GEORGE PIERCE, b. March 05, 1681/82, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                   x.    ABIGAIL PIERCE, b. January 03, 1681/82, Watertown, Middlesex, Mass..

                  xi.    CATHARINE PIERCE, b. September 18, 1690, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                 xii.    MARY PIERCE, b. April 14, 1685.

                xiii.    DANIEL PIERCE, b. December 20, 1663, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                xiv.    BENJAMIN PIERCE, b. February 20, 1668/69, Newbury, Essex County, MA; m. (1) LYDIA FROST; b. November 30, 1674, Kittery, York, Maine; d. May 03, 1752, Newbury, Essex County, MA; m. (2) LYDIA FROST, 1693, Newbury, Essex Co, MA; b. Abt. 1674, Kittery, York, Maine.

                 xv.    ANNE PIERCE, b. May 22, 1666, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                xvi.    JOSHUA PIERCE, b. October 16, 1671, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

               xvii.    THOMAS PIERCE, b. May 1674, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

              xviii.    MARTHA PIERCE, b. February 26, 1676/77, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                xix.    SARAH PIERCE, b. October 03, 1679, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                 xx.    GEORGE PIERCE, b. March 05, 1681/82, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

                xxi.    MARY PIERCE, b. April 14, 1685, Newbury, Essex County, MA.

               xxii.    JOHN PIERCE, b. October 16, 1687.

              xxiii.    CATHERINE PIERCE, b. September 18, 1690, Newbury, Essex County, MA.






1.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File (TM), June 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998.